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Poetry-summary of 3-D interactive sculpture.

     Where is my refuge?
Where is the safest place in the universe?
Where am I  free from oppression, free to be me, the
way I see me, right now, today?
That may change tomorrow, but today, right now, what I see...  in my Mind.
     Walk through my door, into the sanctuary of my beliefs, my expressions, my sight, sound and wisdom.
This is my space.  All to myself. 
I can move and dance and play in my space.
I can cry and wail and lash out in my space.
I can sit idle and stare, feel the vibrations of color, transcend the beliefs of others, have faith in that which is greater than me. 
     I can be anything I want or need or desire to be in my space, my mind, my quintessential, ominous
, joyous space. 

Love and Light, Heather L. Adams


Stand beside me and hold my hand.  Vibrations of Love and Light encircle us in the moonlight.
Gently telling us that everything will be just fine.  Life is taking us down our best path and we are warm with the understanding that we are drawn to  each other to co-create our best self - and that is Love.

Love and Light, Heather L. Adams

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